VOS communication procedures

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The aim of the present page is to describe the methods used by each NMS's to send the data of their VOS onto the GTS. Notice that you can read/update the wiki pages which are more especially devoted to a particular communication system or procedure such as Argos, Inmarsat, Iridium, Meteosat, Code 41 procedure, etc.








Most ships use TurboWin and send their messages via Inmarsat-C with Code-41 to the nearest LES.



Most vessels recruited by SMHI use a dedicated telex link reserved for SYNOPs in such a way that the SYNOPs automatic are transmitted onto the GTS. They normally send the SYNOPs by Inmarsat-C without using code 41. SMHI had so big problems with the communication authorities when using code 41 via Inmarsat-C that it was decided to let the observers send an invoice on sent SYNOPs to SMHI instead. However the Shipping Companies or its operators never or very seldom do. It seems they accept the costs as a part in the normally used Weather Routing Service.

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