Tracks of E-ASAP ships

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E-ASAP Id. Name Callsign AWS Route Remarks
ASEU01 Maria S. Merian DBBT DBBT Specific  
ASEU02 Liverpool Express DDSD2 BAREU08 ATX  
ASEU03 Endurance ZCBE7 BAREU06 MCA Baros then Batos planned
ASEU04 Power ZCBF3 BAREU05 MCA Baros then Batos planned
ASEU05 Atlantic Companion SKPE BAREU04 ATA  
ASDE01 Atlantic Compass SKUN BAREU00 ATA  
ASDE02 Meteor DBBH DBBH Specific  
ASDE03 Atlantic Concert SKOZ   ATA  
ASDE04 Dublin Express DDSB2 BAREU11 ATX Planned in Dec. 2009
ASGB01 Mississauga Express ZCBP6 BATEU07 SLC1  
ASFR01 Fort-St-Louis FQFL BATFR15    
ASFR02 Fort-St-Pierre FQFM BATFR16    
ASES01 Esperanza del Mar EBUQ ASES01 Specific  
  Irena Arctica OXTS2 BATEU05    
  Naja Arctica OXVH2 BAREU07    
  Mary Arctica OXGN2 BATEU00    
  Arina Arctica OVYA2      
  Nuka Arctica OXYH2 BAREU09   Baros then Batos planned
  SL Performance KRPD BAREU03 MNX Service ended
  SL Motivator WAAH BAREU01   Service ended
  SL Achiever WPKD   MNX Service ended
  Hornbay ELML7 BAREU02 Time Schedule Service ended