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==Inventory (Europe waters)==
''(Updated on 26th April 2010)''
''(Updated on 26th April 2010)''

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Inventory (Europe waters)

(Updated on 26th April 2010)

Country Manager Number Type GTS Processing FM13-SHIP FM18-BUOY FM65-WAVEOB FM94-BUFR
France Meteo-France 4 (*) K-pattern Meteo-France Yes No Yes No
France CETMEF ~10 Datawell Meteo-France No Yes No No
Germany BSH ??   DWD No No No No
Greece Poseidon ?? SeaWatch & WaveScan HNMS No No No Planned
Ireland Met-Eireann & MRI 6 K-pattern ?? Yes No No No
Italy Ispra ~12 Triaxys USAM No No No No
Spain Puertos del Estado ~10 SeaWatch & WaveScan AEMET No No No Yes
United-Kingdom Met-Office ~10 (*) K-pattern Met-Office Yes No No No

(*) Including two buoys in cooperation between UK and France: Brittany and Gascogne