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Welcome to the Wiki Website of E-SURFMAR

The present site is based on Wikimedia.

A Wiki Website is a site where everyone can collaborate on the content.

Notice that this site is not the main site of E-SURFMAR. This latest, based on SPIP, will be opened soon at the same address ( The Wiki Website will become the working area of the E-SURFMAR Website then.

Although the main site will be accessible to everybody on the Web, the working area will have a restricted access. Within a few days, I will provide participants with a userlogin and a password.

Pierre Blouch
E-SURFMAR Programme Manager

How to begin ?

  1. Create an account
  2. Read the existing E-SURFMAR pages
  3. Read the help E-SURFMAR page
  4. Have a look at the E-SURFMAR community portal
  5. Contribute to the works, create new pages...