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|AVHRR || Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
|AVHRR || Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
|AWS || Automatic Weather Stations
|AWS || Automatic Weather Station
|BUFR || Binary Universal Format Representation
|BUFR || Binary Universal Format Representation

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AATSR Advanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer
ADCP Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
ADEOS Advanced Earth Observing Satellite
AIRS Atmospheric Infrared Sounder
AMI/Wind Advanced Microwave Instrument (wind mode)
AMSR Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer
AMSU Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit
AOML Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
APAT Agency for the Protection of the Environment and for Technical Services,


ASAP Automated Shipboard Aerological Programme
ASAR Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
ASCAT Advanced Scatterometer
ATOVS Advanced TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder
AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
AWS Automatic Weather Station
BUFR Binary Universal Format Representation
CBS Commission for Basic Systems (WMO)
CEOS Committee on Earth Observations Satellites
CETMEF Centre d'Etudes Techniques Maritimes et Fluviales, France
CMIS Conical Scanning Microwave Imager/Sounder
CMR Christiansen Michelsen Research, Norway
CNES Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, France
COST Cooperation in Scientific and Technical Research (Europe)
CrlS Cross-Track Infrared Sensor
DBCP Data Buoy Co-operation Panel (JCOMM)
DCP Data Collecting Platform (platform transmitter to report through GEO Satellites)
DMSP Defence Meteorological Satellite Programme
DoD Department of Defence, USA
DWD Deutscher Wetterdienst (German meteorological service)
EC Environment Canada
EC European Community
ECMWF European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EGOS European Group on Ocean Stations
ERS Earth Resources Satellite
ESA European Space Agency
E-SURFMAR EUCOS Surface Marine Programme
ET-ODRRGOS Expert Team – Observational Data Requirements and Redesign of the

Global Observing System

ETWS Expert Team on Wind Waves and Storm Surge
EUCOS EUMETNET Composite Observing System
EUMETNET EUropean METeorological NETwork
EUMETSAT EUropean organization for the exploitation of METeorological SATellites
FASTEX Fronts and Atlantic Storm Track Experiment
FGGE First Global GARP Experiment
FTP File Transfer Protocol (Internet)
GARP Global Atmospheric Research Programme
GCOS Global Climate Observing System
GHRSST-PP GODAE High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project
GEO Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
GFO GeoSat Follow On (US Navy)
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GMS Geostationary Meteorological Satellite
GODAE Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment
GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GOMS Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite
GOOS Global Ocean Observing System
GOS Global Observing System
GPS Global Positionning System
GTS Global Telecommunication System (WWW)
HIRS High-resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder
HR-DDS High Resolution Diagnostic Data Set
IASI Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer
IFS Integrated Forecast System
IMA Icelandic Maritime Administration
INM Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia, Spain
IOC Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO)
IOS Intergrated Observing Systems (WMO/CBS/OPAG)
IRS Indian Remote Sensing Satellite
ISAC Institute of Atmospheric Science and Climate
ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation
JCOMM Joint technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology


JCOMMOPS JCOMM in situ Observing Platform Support centre
JTA Joint Tariff Agreement (Argos system)
KNMI Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (Dutch meteorological service)
LAM Limited Area Models
LEO Low-Earth orbit
LES Land Earth Stations (Inmarsat)
M3A Mediterranean Moored Multisensor Array
MAWS Marine Automatic Weather Station
MCSS Marine Climatological Summaries Scheme
MEDEX MEDiterranean EXperiment
METOP METeorological OPerational weather satellite
MFSTEP Mediterranean Forecasting System Toward Environmental Predictions
MINOS MINimum Observing System
MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MSG Meteosat Second Generation
MTSAT Multi-Function Transport Satellite (Japan)
NASA National Aeronautics & Space Administration, USA
NASDA National Space Development Agency, Japan
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
Navoceano Naval Oceanographic Office, USA
NDBC National Data Buoy Center, USA
NMS National Meteorological Service
NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, USA
NPOESS National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System
NPP NPOES Preparatory Programme
NRSCC National Remote Sensing Centre of China
NWP Numerical Weather Prediction
ODAS Ocean Data Acquisition Systems
OPAG Open Programme Area Group (WMO/CBS)
OSE Observing System Experiment
PB-OBS Programme Board on Observation (EUMETNET)
PGC Programme GTS Co-ordinator (Argos)
PMO Port Meteorological Officer
PMOC Principal Meteorological or Oceanographic Centres
POES Polar Operational Environmental Satellite (NOAA)
PTT Platform Transmitter Terminal (Argos)
RDAC Regional Data Assembly Center
RMAS Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
RMS Root-Mean-Square
ROC Representative Organization of a Country (Argos)
RRR Rolling Review of Requirements
RTH Regional Telecommunication Hub (GTS)
RTMC Real Time Monitoring Centre
SALMO Mooring and Salvage Organisation
SAR Synthetic Aperture Radars
SEVIRI Spinning Enhanced Visible & InfraRed Imager
SMC Meteorological Service of Catalonia, Spain
SMOS Soil Moisture & Ocean Salinity mission (ESA)
SOC Southampton Oceanographic Center
SOLAS Safety Of Life At Sea convention
SOOPIP Ship Of Opportunity Implementation Panel (JCOMM)
SSALT Single frequency Solid state radar ALTimeter
SSM/I Special Sensor Microwave Imager
SST Sea Surface Temperature
SVP Surface Velocity Programme of TOGA and WOCE
SVP-B SVP Barometer drifter
SVP-BW SVP-B drifter with wind measurement capability (WOTAN)
TAG Technical Advisory Group
TMI TRMM Microwave Imager
TOGA Tropical Oceans and Global Atmosphere programme
TRMM Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
TSG ThermoSalinoGraph
UKMO United Kingdom Meteorological Office
VAT Value Added Tax
VOS Voluntary Observing Ships
WCRP World Climate Research Programme
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WOCE World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WCRP)
WOTAN Wind Observation Through Ambient Noise
WWRP World Weather Research Programme (WMO)
WWW World Weather Watch (WMO)
XBT eXpandable BathyThermograph