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General Information

The drifting buoys which are deployed in North Atlantic and adjacent seas are participating in two programmes: the Global drifter programme (GDP) and E-SURFMAR.

GDP is concerned by all SVP buoys drifting in the world - even if they are not fitted with barometers -, while E-SURFMAR is the Surface Marine Observation Programme of EUMETNET, of which one of the components is drifting buoys measuring the air pressure. EUMETNET is the network of European meteorological services. Information on E-SURFMAR may be obtained from

Deployment reports

Two ways exist to report deployment information after launches by the ships:

  • to AOML. The GPD deployment form may be used to... and/or
  • to indicating:
    • Ship Name and Buoy Argos or IMEI ID (last 10 digits are sufficient)
    • Date, Time (GMT), Latitude, and Longitude
    • Height of launch and Ship’s Speed
    • Sea conditions, or other information.

It must be noticed that deployment information is regularly exchanged between GDP and E-SURFMAR. Once transmitted, deployment information should appear in the GDP log at a few days later.

Buoy tracks

They may be displayed on several websites.