Guidelines for the recruitment of ships

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  • EUCOS objective is to optimise the ground observing system to improve short range forecasts over Europe. In 2004, the E-SURFMAR design study showed that the key parameter for surface marine observations is sea level pressure (SLP). It is important to increase the density of such measurements through drifting buoys and ship borne Automated Weather Stations (AWS).
  • Some gaps in the North Atlantic, upstream of the atmospheric circulation.
  • Ships plying between Europe (North of Scotland, Channel or Strait of Gibraltar) and North America should be equipped with, at least, a simple AWS reporting hourly pressures.
  • Ferries plying between Lisboa and Azores or Madeira should be equipped too.
  • Some part of the Mediterranean Sea are not correctly sampled. It's the case for the Eastern Mediterranean, the Adriatic and the Gulf of Libya. Ships plying in these regions should be equipped.
  • Remote areas such as Labrador and Greenland Seas are deserts in matter of observations. Any ships crossing these areas should report their observations.

VOS automation strategy You will find in that document input from several European countries on their automation strategy.