EUCAWS Implementation plan

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At ET-13 decision 2016-C was taken: 'Expert Team agrees to buy 2 EUCAWS station in 2016 for capacity building inside E-Surfmar'

Action ET-13 mandated to encourage applications. A form was sent on 27/05/2016 to, giving until 30 June 2016. A reminder was sent on 22 June.

2 responses were received, for 2 units to be purchased in 2016.

The implementation plan is the following

  • Participants interested in EUCAWS (who have signed the cooperation agreement) send their orders to the manufacturer directly. So far the orders sent are as follows:
    • DWD: (2016)
    • Météo-France: 5 (2016)
    • E-SURFMAR: 2 (2016)
  • ET VOS confirms number of stations open for participant applications
  • OSM sends invitation to applications
  • ET VOS notifies the participants who applied for a EUCAWS, so that choices can be approved by the group (no response meaning acceptance)
  • VOS coordinator notifies beneficiaries, informing them of way forward:
    • Remind that sensors are chosen and purchased/calibrated by NHMS recipient of a EUCAWS
    • Indicate the list of sensors which are already supported
    • Indicate timeline:
      • EUCAWS order sent on 26 July 2016
      • For sensors that are not supported:
        • Indicate in September 2016 what are those sensors.
        • Meteo-France to respond in October 2016 if they have such sensors in-house for testing
        • If not, the institute will have to ship sensors in November 2016.
      • EUCAWS to be received by the service that manages E-SURFMAR in October 2016
      • EUCAWS to be tested on premises at Météo-France Toulouse in November 2016
      • EUCAWS to be shipped to NHMS in December 2016
      • Initial start-up at NHMS (on land) in January 2016
==> From this point onwards, the receiving institute will need to make time available for bringing the EUCAWS to their expected level of service, with help of Meteo-France.

This part is not yet known in details, but it will likely include:

  • EUCAWS sensor interface developments at Meteo-France
  • Preliminary testing at NHMS with the sensors, with monitoring of the data, sent on parallel test data flow
  • Installation on ship
  • Monitoring of first data from ship
  • Declaration of ship acceptance
  • Activation on the GTS

Subsequent EUCAWS installations are expected to be quicker, if the station set-up is unchanged.