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'''Participants in the E-SURFMAR Programme are :'''
'''Participants in the E-SURFMAR Operational Service are :'''
* Belgium (Institut Royal Meteorologique, IRM)
* Belgium (Institut Royal Meteorologique, IRM)

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Participants in the E-SURFMAR Operational Service are :

  • Belgium (Institut Royal Meteorologique, IRM)
  • Croatia (Hydrological and Meteorological Service, DHMZ)
  • Denmark (Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut, DMI)
  • Finland (Finnish Meteorological Institute, FMI)
  • France (Meteo-France)
  • Germany (Deutscher Wetterdienst, DWD)
  • Greece (Hellenic National Meteorological Service, HNMS)
  • Iceland (Icelandic Meteorological Office, IMO)
  • Ireland (Met Eireann)
  • Italy (Ufficio Generale Spazio Aereo e Meteorologia, USAM)
  • Luxembourg (MeteoLux)
  • Netherlands (Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut, KNMI)
  • Norway (Meteorologisk Institutt, met.no)
  • Portugal (Potuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere, IPMA)
  • Serbia (Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia, RHMMS)
  • Spain (Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia, AEMET)
  • Sweden (Sveriges Meteorologiska och Hydrologiska Institut, SMHI)
  • Switzerland (MeteoSwiss)
  • United Kingdom (United Kingdom Met Office)