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K-pattern moored buoys

K-pattern moored buoys generally report their data on GTS in FM-13 SHIP code. Some of them report wave spectra data in FM-65 WAVEOB code. Bulletin headers for these buoys are :
to be completed

SeaWatch and Wavescan moored buoys

Spanish SeaWatch and WaveScan moored buoys report their data in BUFR code. Bulletins for these buoys are built at INM, Madrid. Their headers are IOZX.. LEMM. Received at Meteo-France in Toulouse the reports are then routed to Offenbach, Exeter, Brussels, Lisboa and Roma.

Drifting buoys

Most of the drifting buoys data are processed at Service Argos and sent onto the GTS in FM-18 BUOY code. The US Argos centre of Largo (KARS), operated by Argos Inc., process the data for North American Argos users, although this of Toulouse (LFVW), operated by CLS/Argos, is processing the data of all other Argos users. Bulletin headers for these buoys are :
to be completed