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K-pattern moored buoys

  • K-pattern moored buoys generally report their data on GTS in FM-13 SHIP code. Some of them report wave spectra data in FM-65 WAVEOB code. Bulletin headers for these buoys are :

to be completed

SeaWatch and Wavescan moored buoys

  • Spanish SeaWatch and WaveScan moored buoys report their data in BUFR code. Bulletins for these buoys are built at INM, Madrid. Their headers are IOZXxx LEMM. "xx" is a number from 00 to 99. Each bulletin contains the data of a single buoy.
  • Received at Meteo-France in Toulouse from Madrid, the reports are then routed to Offenbach, Exeter, Brussels, Lisboa and Roma.
  • See the list of descriptors used for the BUFR coding in text file1 and file2.

Drifting buoys

  • Most of the drifting buoys data are processed at Service Argos and sent onto the GTS in FM-18 BUOY code. The US Argos centre of Largo (KARS), operated by Argos Inc., process the data for North American Argos users, although this of Toulouse (LFVW), operated by CLS/Argos, is processing the data of all other Argos users.
  • Both centre build BUFR reports wich are sent onto the GTS in parallel.
  • Bulletin headers for these buoys can be seen on the DBCP Website.