Transmitters for ships

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Caution: costs given here below (in Euro) are without any garantee. They may only serve for comparisons.

Modem + Antenna

System Service Manufacturer Used on Cost Cost for
32 bytes
(VAT excl.)
Inmarsat-C Data Reporting TDCom Batos 2,200 0.12    Mini C (GPS included). One 32-byte block is sufficiant
to report a complete SHIP report. No monthly fees
Inmarsat-C Text TDCom Old Batos 2,200 0.13    Mini C (GPS included). One FM13-SHIP message may
require up to four 32-byte blocks. No monthly fees
Iridium Short Burst Data Nal Research Baros 850 0.03    GPS included.
Monthly fees: 15 €
Meteosat DCP Sutron Milos 5,500 0.00    No operating costs

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