Terms of Reference of the DB-Manager

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As revised at the first DB-TAG meeting in Geneva (January 2005)

The E-SURFMAR Data Buoy Manager shall take responsibility for the functions of the EGOS Technical Secretariat and of the EGOS Technical Co-ordinator. In particular, he shall :

  • prepare documents, reports and publications;
  • continue to maintain and manage the EGOS drifting buoy metadata-base until it is transferred in a format and to a location agreed so that the data can be accessed via the Web by all the DBCP community, thereafter it will be necessary to keep the new DBCP meta-database up to date;
  • organize the insertion (or deletion) of drifting buoy data onto the GTS ;
  • monitor buoy positions and corresponding deployment strategy, monitoring and QC of the buoys – including monthly reports with statistics of buoy performance;
  • manage the buoy communications costs, mainly for drifting buoys from 2006 and monitor them during 2005;
  • ensure the moored buoys are working properly, and have contact with the operators;
  • arrange calls for tender and purchase of news buoys, liaise with the deployment centres,and arrange customs clearance for drifting buoys deliveries;
  • present an annual report on the E-SURFMAR activities related to the data buoys to the DBCP, (as E-SURFMAR is an action group of DBCP);
  • make proposals for new data buoy programmes to meet the requirements of marine meteorological and oceanographic data. The proposals will be reviewed by the E-SURFMAR Data Buoy Technical Advisory Group and recommendation will be sent to EUCOS and PB-OBS for decision ;
  • keep up to date with technical developments (scientific, engineering and operational matters) relating to data buoy programmes and co-ordinate the exchange of this information through E-SURFMAR Data Buoy Technical Advisory Group.