MoU for VOS

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  • MoU between Meteo-France and other ET members for maintenance of E-SURFMAR funded S-AWS (e.g. DWD in Hamburg)
Draft of a MoU between E-SURFMAR and DWD (2009)
Thread of discussions on that MoU (2009)

  • MoUs between ET members for PMO inspection of VOS (and associated compensation arrangements )
Most recent version of the draft (March 2013)
Included in E-SURFMAR Programme Decision (20 February 2015) at annex-3 page 61 and following

  • MoU between Meteo France and other ET members for data collection and processing
with KNMI (draft)
with KNMI (signed version) (April 2014)

  • MoU (or legal contract) between ET members and shipping companies/managers for S-AWS installations
Action pending the availaiblity of EUCAWS system