Meetings 2013

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Timetable of meetings relevant to E-SURFMAR


Meeting Dates Place OSM or DBM
EUMETNET Core Team 7-9 Jan. 2013 Brussels, BE Yes
OPT-1 25-26 Feb. 2013 Helsinki, FI Yes
STAC-6 & PFAC-6 8-11 April 2013 Vienna, AT No
JCOMM SOT-7 23-26 April 2013 Victoria, CA Yes
EUCAWS Technical Meeting 15-16 May 2013 Toulouse, FR Yes
EUMETNET-EIG-10 28-29 May 2013 Oslo, NO No
E-SURFMAR ET-10 11-13 June 2013 Oslo, NO Yes
E-SAT 1-3 July 2013 Reading, UK Yes
Workshop on Monitoring 3-4 July 2013 Reading, UK Yes
OPT-2 28-30 Aug. 2013 Adobe Connect Yes
JCOMM DBCP-29 24-28 Sep. 2013 Paris, FR Yes
JCOMM SatCom Forum 1 3-4 Oct. 2013 Paris, FR Yes
STAC-7 & PFAC-7 14-17 Oct. 2013 Toulouse, FR  
EUMETNET-EIG-11 20-21 Nov. 2013 Larnaka, CY No

Important remark: The meeting dates and locations provided here above are indicative only. Please check other sources to confirm the information and report any mistake to the E-SURFMAR Programme Manager. Thanks.

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