Hygrometers for AWS

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The aim of the present page is to discuss about the hygrometers installed on AWS, their advantages and drawbacks, the problems met,... in order and to try to make recommendations for the future.


(November 24th, 2011)

  • We currently use S3C03 Rotronic Humidity temperature and humidity sensors (among others) on Batos AWS (11 Batos are equiped with Rotronic).
  • We also use those sensors on land station. On the whole, 350 have been purchased since 2006. Today only 170 are still working.
  • We use to calibrate this sensors every year. Currently, approximately 30% of sensors coming back can not be used anymore (sensor dead or impossible to correct).
  • Contrary to others sensors (i. e vaisala HMP45D) the humidity cell can not be changed easily (that requires a special welding, not too hot

so as not to damage other components).

  • Moreover, to adapt this sensor on a Batos station, we need a converter (Mok-Win), with its specific 5V power supply, which are potentially additional sources of failure
  • My colleagues working on land stations are currently testing others sensors (Vaisala HMP110, E+E008....). On Batos stations, my idea is to substitute S3CO3 Rotronic sensors.


(November 25th, 2011)

  • A short overview (in Dutch) of the results of the E+E humidity sensor EE33 (double heated) is available here. Graphs are more or less self explaining.
  • Techninal information can be found here.