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How to edit or create a page ?

By clicking here, a detailed help page from the Wikipedia will open in a new window. Notice that the Wikipedia is a website similar to the E-SURFMAR wiki website but more popular. The edit of wiki pages is exactly the same.

Why to create an account ?

You don't have to log in to read the E-SURFMAR wiki website. At the opposite, you must log in to edit articles on the E-SURFMAR wiki website. Creating an account is quick, free and non-intrusive. The aim is to keep a track of the modifications you do. When you log in, you have an access to a personal wiki page having your name as title (see at the top of the window). You can publish what you wish on this personal page.

How to quickly create a new page ?

This action is so easy to do that it is disconcerting for some of us. Just edit a page : it can be your personnal one. Write the name of the page you wish to create between double square brackets in it. Save the page. The link to the new page - which doesn't exist yet - appears. Click on it, the edit form of the new page is then opening.