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Alert Service

  • Email from Rene Rozeboom dated 18.05.2009
  • Referring to the Dirkzwager Costs overview, mentioned in Geneva last week here some details:
We can choose between 3 bundles (monthly amount of tics):
  • 100 Ticks=50 Euros a month
  • 200 Ticks=80 Euros a month
  • 400 Ticks=100 Euros a month
  • When you set an alert for a certain ship, you will receive a alert by E-mail or SMS after the ship is passing a (by user) specified place.
  • In case you choose for alert by E-mail, it costs you 1 tick. A alert by SMS costs you 2 ticks. You will lose your credit remained at the end of every month.
  • Every user can have his own E-mail address or cell phone number registered. We can decide to give everyone the same e-mail adress but i think it's not usefull since the alert is only to be set for a specific point which a ship has to pass.
  • We can only subscribe to one credit (100,200 or 400 ticks a month) for all users. So making a distinction between users is not possible.