DB-TAG Working Plan

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As agreed at the eighth DB-TAG meeting in Heraklion (May 2011)

  1. E-SURFMAR Programme Manager to monitor the lifetime of drogues on SVP buoys supplied by the various manufacturers.
  2. Chairman E-SURFMAR DB TAG to invite representatives from other buoy operators and from EUROGOOS to the DB-TAG meetings.
  3. E-SURFMAR DBM to investigate storage and/or deployment possibilities from Germany, The Netherlands, Norway and Canada etc.
  4. E-SURFMAR members to update Moored Buoy Metadata, once a standard template is provided - this has still to be published by the DBCP. DBCP needs to decide where the metadata will be submitted.
  5. E-SURFMAR DBM to prepare an annual report to the DBCP on the E-SURFMAR data buoy activities.
  6. E-SURFMAR Programme Manager to encourage increased co-operation between the buoy programmes in Europe. Maintain contact with EUROGOOS and the GMES Marine Core Service.
  7. All moored buoy operators of the E-SURFMAR DB-TAG will continue to inform the DB-TAG on technical developments e.g. directional wave spectra measurements on K-pattern moored buoys.
  8. E-SURFMAR DBM to keep abreast of new technical developments (for example Iridium etc.) within the DBCP and ensure that E-SURFMAR is pro-active, as appropriate.
  9. Chairman to re-circulate the technical document. TAG members to review and provide inputs on other buoy systems as appropriate to the Chairman by the end of 2011. (Goal: to have completed document for next meeting.)
  10. E-SURFMAR DBM to provide the final report of Iridium pilot project to DB-TAG members when complete.
  11. Chairman and E-SURFMAR DBM to compile current operating costs of the 4 E-SURFMAR moored buoys for the next DB-TAG meeting.
  12. Chairman and E-SURFMAR DBM to investigate the possibility to compensate the moored buoy observations in a manner consistent with VOS observations.
  13. E-SURFMAR members to keep the WIKI site up to date.
  14. E-SURFMAR PM to circulate the draft review of the design study of E-SURFMAR to TAG members for review & comment when available.
  15. E-SURFMAR DBM to work with Puertos del Estados and Poseidon networks to identify and resolve the problems with data delay.
  16. E-SURFMAR DBM to investigate if Portugal have moored buoys of interest to E-SURFMAR.
  17. Members to identify additional coastal buoy observations and to encourage dissemination to the GTS.
  18. Chairman and E-SURFMAR DBM to organise the next DB-TAG meeting. Possibly in conjunction with VOS-TAG.