Annual report 2003

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  • E-SURFMAR started in April 2003 as an Optional Programme within the EUCOS operational framework. This optional programme, supported financially by fifteen members, is planned for 4 years. It consists in co-ordinating, optimising and progressively integrate members' activities for surface observations from Voluntary Observing Ships (VOS) and Data Buoys. It could become a core EUCOS programme at the end of the 4 years.
  • During 2003, E-SURFMAR activities included :
  • the setup of a VOS Technical Advisory Group. The first meeting of this group was held in Paris in September 2003 ;
  • the developments of tools made available on the Web to monitor the quality of VOS data ;
  • the participation in EUCOS OSE experiments through the deployment of 20 extra drifting buoys in two 'climatologically sensitive' areas : off the Iberian peninsula in Spring/Summer ; around Newfoundland during the North Atlantic THORPEX Regional Campaign in Autumn.
  • the preparation of a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure the efficient and organised transition of responsibilities from the European Group on Ocean Stations (EGOS) to E-SURFMAR for the Data Buoy component.
  • the preparation of financial arrangements to compensate the operators of surface marine system for their activity. Allocation keys have been computed for the first two years of the programme according to the volume of data collected during the year before.
  • 2004 will be an important year for E-SURFMAR. An optimised surface marine network will be designed to provide Numerical Weather Predictions over Europe with in situ observations indispensable to complete satellite data. This design will have to be agreed by the members before implementation in 2005.