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  • Automatic Weather Station (AWS)
  • In the case of VOS, an AWS is a shipborne system (than called S-AWS) for the automatic collection of data measured by a number of sensors and for the transmission of such data ashore normally using a dedicated transmission system.
  • Integrated AWS
  • An AWS system which typically measures a variety of meteorological and / or oceanographic parameters and which requires integration with the host ships systems (e.g ships compass, power supply, etc). Integrated S-AWS should ideally also permit observers to manually add visual observations using data display and entry software prior to data transmission, although this is not essential.
  • Autonomous AWS
  • An AWS system which typically measures a reduced number of meteorological and / or oceanographic parameters, but which is independent on the host ships systems (other than the ships power supply). Autonomous S-AWS can generally be considered as 'plug and play' systems as they require minimal interference with the host ships infrastructure or systems, and can be quickly installed or removed. They can incorporate a static data display of the measured parameters, but don't include a facility to enable observers to manually add visual observations prior to data transmission.