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Welcome to the Wiki Website for reporting.......

Marine Observations of Special Interest and Scientific Value

The Marine Observers Log is used to report observations received from the following sources:

  • Ships Meteorological Logbooks, including observations logged using electronic logbooks, such as Turbowin
  • Individual observations and correspondence received from observers or individuals

All reports are welcome from ships participating in the Voluntary Observing Ship Scheme. The following list includes just some of the subjects which can be reported - there are many more;

  • Thunderstoms, hurricanes, typhoons, depressions and squalls
  • Waterspouts and funnel clouds
  • Electrical phenomena and thunderstorms
  • Currents, tide rips, whirlpools, disturbed water and freak waves
  • Whales, dolphins and other mammals such as seals
  • Birds, bats, insects etc observed on board
  • Fish, sea snakes, turtles and other marine life
  • Bioluminescence, milky seas, phosphorescent wheels
  • Optical phenomena such as haloes, rainbows, fogbows, coronae, refraction etc.
  • Crepuscular rays, 'flash' phenomena and noctiluscent clouds
  • Comets, meteoroids (meteors, meteorite showers), eclipses etc.
  • Sunspots, aurora, satellites and 'UFO's'

Observations are archived in the Marine Observers Log by category and date. At this moment there are 1,556 articles in the Marine Observers Log. Comments and feedback from scientists, researchers, experts and other observers are welcome (please use the discussion tab at the head of each observation page to record your comments). To search for reports from a particular ship simply enter the ship name or call sign in the search box and press 'Go'.

If you wish to add observations to this Wiki site, or provide feedback discussion on the observations, you will need to open an account. Details on how to do this are provided under the Help menu on the left of this page.

Persons submitting material for inclusion on this website, or seeking to reproduce material, reports, sketches, photos or other illustrations appearing on this Wiki site should observe the attached copyright provisions

Article in the Mariners Weather Log, Dec. 2006