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This Wikilog was established in 2006 by the European National Meteorological Services who recruit voluntary observing ships to perform meteorological observations. When submitting these observations ships officers and staff are also encouraged to report any additional observations or phenomena that they have observed at sea and which may be considered of interest or scientific value.

Such observations are usually recorded by ship's observers using electronic meteorlogical logbooks ( e.g.Turbowin ) which are subsequently downloaded by visiting Port Meteorological Officers and returned to the recruiting National Meteorological Service for posting on this Wikilog. However observations may also be reported from a variety of other sources, and reports are welcome from all marine observers or other individuals having an interest in such marine phenomena.

Although this Wikilog is primarily intended to act as a repository for such additional observations and phenomena reports, it also acts as a valuable resource for scientists, researchers, experts and others who can add feedback and discussion on any particular observation of interest.

Persons wishing to open an account so that they can add observations to this Wiki site, or provide feedback, will need to open an account. Details on how to do this are provided under the Help menu on the left of this page.

It should be noted that persons submitting material for inclusion on this website, or seeking to reproduce material, reports, sketches, photos or other illustrations appearing on this Wiki, site should observe the attached copyright provisions.